Each year, AlSadaqa distributes Zakat al-Fitr to many needy families in Puget Sound area.

We encourage you to give earlier rather than later. By giving early, you not only enable us to provide to the needy in time, you also allow the recipients to make arrangements for Eid beforehand. If you are sending us a check via mail, please allow adequate time for the check to reach us.

Last day to give Zakat al Fitir is June 20, 2017. Please make sure that your Zakat al-Fitir reaches us by that time.

As with last year, AlSadaqa is offering this service to distribute Zakat al-Fitir to the needy in our local community. The amount per head this year for Zakat al-Fitir is $10. This amount was provided by our adviser, Imam Mohamad Joban, and can be paid online (See the donate page), or via check.

How do we determine eligibility

    There are many Muslim families and single mothers living in the Seattle area who are struggling to make ends meet. Your Zakat al-Fitir will help bring further joy to their Eid. We have several ways to identify such families:

  • The first source is our own records from the past year. Many Muslim families apply to us for assistance and we are aware of their financial circumstances. We get in touch with them during Ramadan and determine their eligibility to receive Zakat al Fitir.
  • We contact other organizations that provide social services to Muslims in the Puget Sound area. These are organizations like Somali Family and Youth Club or Muslim Housing Services. These organizations provide us with lists of people who are eligible to receive Zakat al-Fitir.
  • Several community members also inform us about people who are eligible for receiving Zakat al-Fitir. We follow up with them to ascertain their eligibility and include them in our recipient's list.

How do we distribute the Zakat

Once we have determined the number of recipients, we purchase gift cards from a large and commonly available departmental store (typically Fred Meyers). The amount of the gift card is based on the size and situation of the receiving family. AlSadaqa's volunteers visit the recipients of Zakat al Fitir to hand these gift cards to them. The recipients can then purchase food, clothing, toys or other household items as they see fit to make the best of their Eid.

When do you stop collecting Zakat al-Fitir?

We will stop collecting Zakat al-Fitir two days before Eid. Please make sure that your Zakat al-Fitir reaches us before that time.

Any amount received after that will be considered Sadaqa, not Zakat al-Fitir, and may not be distributed during Ramadan.

I know someone who may be eligible. What should I do?

Please contact us via phone or email as mentioned below. Leave your own name and contact number as well as the needy person's contact information. We will follow up with you as well as the person you have identified to determine their eligibility.

Email: info@alsadaqa.org

Phone: 1 (866) 693-3233

Please note that we can only help people residing in the Puget Sound area.

How can I help?

We are looking for volunteers to help with the distribution. If you can afford some time during the last week of Ramadan and can travel around the Puget Sound area, please contact us. Any help in this regard will be highly valuable.

Donate: click here to go to the donation page.

Email: info@alsadaqa.org

Phone: 1 (866) 693-3233

In both cases, please mention that you want to volunteer with distribution of Zakat al-Fitir.