Our Programs

We always fight against poverty and help them who loss everything by natural digester. Have a look at some of our programs.


Meal Program

Toy Drive


Success Stories

A client and her three children were living in transitional housing after fleeing abuse from her husband. The only income she was receiving was from TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). It was difficult for her maintain her household with little income. She wanted better for her three children and herself. With help from Alsadaqa she was able to move into permanent housing. She was in school but could not afford the high cost of tuition. Alsadaqa assisted her with tuition for college. She is enrolled in college and is set to graduate very soon. She says she wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help from God through Alsadaqa.

A client was homeless in the Seattle area. Shelters for single people without children require you to leave during the day and come back in the evening to sleep. Client had no transportation, no job, and no income. Client would often times be out in the cold with nowhere to go. Being out in the cold and rain for hours at a time took a toll on this client’s health. The client came to Alsadaqa for help. After reviewing this client’s needs we decided to help with a more permanent housing solution. Part of our case management focuses on giving our clients power to advocate for themselves. We asked the client to find their own housing and we’d pay the move in expenses. The client was empowered after finding their own housing. After moving in, the client found steady employment and is now self-sufficient.

An elderly client was on the verge of being evicted. The client would have to choose between medication and electricity almost each month. The client was ill and desperately needed the medication every month. Alsadaqa helped this client out with their rent for a few months to help them get caught up. Being on very low income it was taking a toll on their health. After helping the client out with rent, they did not have to choose between having electricity in the home or buying important medication.

Get Involved

There is always a way you can help us! Find out about these opportunities, and get involved.

Case Associate

Case Associate

Our case associate will assist the social services department in processing and intake of new client cases over the phone.

Food Drive

Every 4th Saturday of the month AlSadaqa serves supper at the Issaquah Community Hall for the hungry with the help of our wonderful volunteers.

Food Drive

Outreach intern

Outreach intern will be responsible for going to local nonprofit organizations in the area to talk about AlSadaqa and build partnerships with these organizations.